About Us

The Past:

Our beginning is humble, it started with the passion for sneakers and streetwear from two cousins. The brand name was tossed around and tweaked for a few weeks until Zastik was mashed together. Zack and Art created Zastik as a way to brand their streetwear products (mostly consisting of pocket t-shirts and some graphic designs) at trade shows on the West Coast. The trend died out, and Zack took the direction of the brand and moved into sneaker reselling.


Zastik has grown rapidly in the past year due to the extensive amount of steals and deals constantly offered. We realized that we needed to refocus our efforts on growing the brand with more direct to consumer sales. This allows customers to purchase our product at 10-20% less than other reselling platforms.

With over 250+ shoes on hand at any given time and a small selection of clothing,  we decided to launch a website with the goal of beating everyone on price and selection. 

In addition to online sales, Zastik travels to various trade shows throughout the year, where we offer all of our products in person and at even better pricing than our website. We look forward to shipping your orders, and potentially meeting y’all in person!

The Future:

We plan to expand Zastik into storefronts in the United States and International Markets very soon. We have so many ideas and goals but we need YOU to help us grow to make that a reality. Spread the word about Zastik and shop our vast selection!

Stay tuned for the exciting future projects we announce!